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Benefiting from Salesforce Sustainability Services!


Salesforce is expanding its services to help companies embed sustainability into the core of their business. The powerful combination of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, Salesforce Customer 360 and along with partner services (such as IdeaHelix Sustainability Practice) will, for the first time, bring sustainability to the front office and provide the C-suite with true visibility into their company’s historical and real-time environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

Companies will be able to track, measure and act on a range of sustainability initiatives, including reporting on carbon usage, supporting customer engagements, creating positive consumer experiences, meeting regulatory requirements and developing new business models.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, built on Salesforce Customer 360, will provide a trusted platform that gives customers a 360-degree view of their corporate environmental impact to help them measure and manage their carbon footprint and transparently report investor-grade climate data. We are keen to integrate Salesforce Sustainability Cloud into customer’s business strategies, operating models, technologies, and core processes and systems with industry-specific requirements and develop sustainability insights that can scale across organizations and their ecosystems.

Later this year, Salesforce will be working to expand the platform and services to track and analyze broader ESG metrics from water and waste management to diversity & inclusion. Sustainability is now a business imperative, and consumers increasingly expect business to play a leadership role in taking tangible action on the SDGs, which include gender equality, poverty, and climate change. The companies leveraging the combination of sustainability and technology are 2.5x more likely to be among tomorrow’s strongest-performing businesses than others, according to new research.

This will allow Salesforce to use their partners such as IdeaHelix to form alliances to address the rapidly growing end-user demand for data-based insights around sustainability performance and metrics-driven approaches that help turn ESG topics into drivers for positive business outcomes.

Research shows that more and more companies realize that a sustainable business strategy means more than just ‘doing good’, it means ‘doing well by doing good’. This initiative can help customers on this journey by letting them capture relevant ESG data as well as manage and measure performance against their sustainability targets.

The new sustainability models by Salesforce have significant relationships with the World Economic Forum and long-term commitments to advancing the SDGs, giving each company a deeper understanding of how to simultaneously drive business growth and long-term sustainable value for shareholders and stakeholders.

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