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Celonis Progresses Process Mining to Automated Actions!


Celonis is shifting from process mining, which helps companies understand process problems, to automated actions, which can help resolve them, with the release of its Execution Management System.

Celonis process mining software is used by companies to better understand how processes work, such as order-to-cash. The Execution Management System now takes this a step further by turning this process understanding into automated actions. The company also announced that it has acquired Integromat, a Prague-based firm that provides process automation technology, which will be integrated into the Celonis Execution Management System.

Optimizing capacity

The value of an execution management system is that it can help companies take advantage of underused capacity. Every business operates at a certain capacity, but today most people are not aware of what their capacity is. With Celonis, users have the ability to measure and find out what the capacity is today, but also to unlock it and unleash it with the Execution Management System.

The problem with capacity is that every business, large or small runs on core processes and operations, but these core processes are executed through rigid and fragmented systems, such as ERP. The design is overly complex, leading to inefficiencies and lots of variation in the process execution.

The Execution Management System has real-time connectors to core enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, as well as task mining technology that picks up user interaction data from desktop processes in applications like Outlook. All of that process data is then fed into the Celonis process mining engine, which identifies process performance; the Execution Management System engine then takes the insights and can execute actions across the systems.

Celonis acquired Integromat to enhance its Execution Management System. Integromat has a very easy-to-use automation tool that will help to automate processes across hundreds of different apps. Integromat's technology will be fully integrated into the Execution Management System's engine, but will also remain available as a standalone product...

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