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Know the Latest Features in Tableau 2021.2!


Ask Data opens up an opportunity to close the gap between advanced analysts and a broader, general business audience, allowing anyone to connect and explore data. By leveraging Tableau’s modern and fast natural language processing technology, colleagues are reaching insights faster than ever before. With Explain Data, the team is not only able to see data trends, but can easily identify and understand what’s driving them.

The newly expanded Ask and Explain Data features are now available in Tableau 2021.2. Einstein Discovery for Reports is now available with the Salesforce Summer ‘21 release.

Here are the Additional features in Tableau 2021.2:

1) Collections: Curate content to simplify collaboration and engagement across the organization. People can easily add content (workbooks, data sources, etc) from across their site) and create custom gallery layouts and share them with others.

2) Jumpstart Your Salesforce Connection: Helps organizations and administrators onboard their employees using Salesforce to Tableau by pre-populating your Tableau Online site with relevant data sources and workbooks that accelerate exploration of Salesforce data.

3) Connected desktop for web authoring: Enables Creators to transition seamlessly from web authoring to Tableau Desktop for an improved authoring workflow.

4) Write to Google BigQuery from Tableau Prep: Empowers people to add or update data in Google BigQuery with clean, prepped data.

5) Containers: Gives customers the ability to run Tableau Server in a single container, making deployments easier, faster and more efficient. In 2021.2 Tableau will support Kubernetes and Docker containers for Linux.

6) New Canada Tableau Online Pod: Serves customers in Canada with greater stability and performance.

7) Area spatial calculation: Allows analysts to measure the square area of a selection on a map, amplifying the power of spatial joins.

8) Amazon SageMaker for Tableau: Provides a unique opportunity to communicate and share machine learning (ML) with anyone, via self-service analytics. With a few clicks, people can implement ML models built on SageMaker directly within Tableau dashboards.

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