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Reimagining The Contact Center!


For all of the years, Contact Centers have been stuck with this image of people hustling on the phone trying desperately to make a sale happen, support people and provide help. Disruptions to the traditional contact center were due and with that, Salesforce has announced new AI-powered workflows and contact center innovations in Service Cloud to power effortless experiences for service agents and their customers. New workflows built into the Customer 360 platform enable customer service teams to predict, route, and solve customer needs, sometimes before the customer is even aware a problem exists. Additionally, new digital contact center innovations for video, chat, voice and workforce engagement offer more effortless experiences for both customers and service teams.

As customer requests surge and businesses face shortages in available agents, 78% of consumers have needed to contact companies multiple times over a single concern, a situation that erodes trust in a brand. To prevent this, agents need a platform that automates repetitive and low value tasks so they can focus on the human side of service resolving complex problems faster and building deeper, trusted relationships.

With Slack-First Service, instantly assemble the right team of experts from devops to finance in a new Slack channel to collaborate on an incident in real-time.

AI-powered workflows for trusted service at scale

With customer expectations higher than ever, service teams need to respond fast in the moments that matter. In fact, 90% of customers say how a company acts during a crisis reveals its trustworthiness. AI-powered workflows and automation empower service teams to quickly respond to major incidents, automate how cases are routed throughout the organization, and eliminate repetitive tasks that bog agents down. New workflow capabilities include:

Customer Service Incident Management accelerates resolution for major incidents fast, by helping companies detect, diagnose, and respond to service disruptions.

Omni-Channel Flow built on Salesforce’s workflow platform makes it easier for service teams to create complex rules based on CRM data for routing cases, calls, messages, and chats across the service team and other departments.

Robotic process automation capabilities (RPA) for Service Cloud from the recent Servicetrace acquisition enable service teams to automate repetitive tasks such as look-ups and write-ins across legacy systems that lack APIs.

Effortless experiences with a Digital Service HQ

Contact centers have always been rows of desks where an agent can tap their neighbor on the shoulder for help. Working in a hybrid and distributed world, agents now need a digital HQ that brings together their workspace, voice capabilities, workforce engagement, and Slack to connect employees, partners, customers, and apps on one screen. New digital contact center capabilities include:

Einstein Conversation Mining helps to continuously improve and optimize self-service channels and knowledge bases by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the most common types of interactions with customers.

Messaging for In-app & Web now enables customers to start a persistent messaging experience, like SMS and WhatsApp, directly in a mobile application or on a website and pick the conversation up where it left off.

Visual Remote Assistant now enables two-way video and audio for face-to-face conversations between agents or field technicians and customers, creating stronger relationships and personalized experiences.

Workforce Engagement Intraday Management enables companies to close the gap between forecasted work and actual staffing needs.

Service Cloud Voice brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data in one central workspace for service agents. Service Cloud Voice now integrates with 10 partners on the AppExchange.

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