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SFDC Automated Ad Sales To Improve Campaign Performance for Publishers!


Salesforce recently announced Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud, a new industry-specific application for managing cross-channel advertising sales. With Advertising Sales Management, cross-channel planning and execution, automated client reporting and campaign optimization converge in a single platform to help drive revenue for publishers.

Publishers such as online and print newspapers, social media platforms, streaming networks, television and radio stations, and retailers generate revenue by selling advertising campaigns to brands. As the number of channels for advertising increases, so does the complexity of managing available advertising inventory and tracking campaign results.

Managing these functions across an average of 23 systems can be cumbersome and error-prone due to frequent switching and distributed capabilities. What publishers need now is one streamlined platform that integrates workflows where they can track campaign performance and view available advertising sales inventory from across a number of different channels.

Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud:

Salesforce Media Cloud’s Advertising Sales Management application lets publishers accelerate advertising sales and streamline operations on a converged platform.

With Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud, publishers can maximize advertising revenue by bringing together media planning across channels and analyzing campaign performance from multiple first- and third-party sources. This includes:

Growing Advertising Sales with a Unified Platform: Normally, when publishers run a campaign using different media channels, such as digital, audio or television ads, they have to log into different systems to book and run the ads. With Advertising Sales Management, they have a single platform to plan and monitor campaigns across different formats and platforms, without needing to jump across different systems ultimately reducing time spent logging into different systems.

Streamlining Ad Operations and Sales with Automation: Publishers with legacy systems are burdened with manual processes and data entry, such as inputting data from insertion orders into different linear and digital systems. This can often be error prone, resulting in costly makegoods, such as advertising credits and ad re-runs. With Advertising Sales Management, data can flow across advertising systems consistently while automated approvals along the workflow can be configured to provide visibility at each phase of the campaign.

Optimizing Campaign Performance with a Single View of Truth: Embedded analytics and dashboards provide timely, actionable insights, all in a single view, to help optimize campaign performance. Publishers can easily fix pacing and campaign performance problems in real time, while their sales teams can analyze historical performance to uncover upsell opportunities, like recommending new and niche channels for incremental reach. For example, while a campaign is running, publishers can monitor if one channel running ads is underperforming and can re-allocate remaining resources from that underperforming campaign to another channel that is performing more strongly, maximizing their return on investment.

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