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SFDC’s Data Backup Service and Protection!


Salesforce announced the end of its Data Recovery Service in July 2020. However, in March 2021, the company reversed its decision and reintroduced the functionality. The reason? Salesforce keeps a backup copy of customers data to support their disaster recovery plan (i.e., in case of failure on their part). This data is made available to customers as part of the Salesforce Data Recovery service, although Salesforce explicitly warns against relying on the service in the event of data loss.

Salesforce also provides a few native methods to back up and restore customer data at no additional cost. These options include:

1) Data Export Service: With this service, customers can perform manual or scheduled exports of their data on a weekly or monthly basis using the Salesforce UI. This method prepares customers data for export into a set of CSV files.

2) Data Loader: This application allows customers to perform mass data operations, like import, export or delete, in Salesforce. While this gives customers greater control over the data customers are importing/exporting, the process is manual and can be time-consuming.

3) Report Export: This method is one of the simplest ways to manually export customers' Salesforce data via the reports interface.

4) Recycle Bin: User-deleted data is stored in the Salesforce recycle bin for 15 days, during which you can retrieve important data that has been accidentally deleted. After 15 days, the data will be permanently deleted.

While Salesforce offers native backup and recovery options, they highly recommend customers use third-party backup solutions.Many businesses that use SaaS applications like Salesforce assume that the vendor backs up and protects their data. But the truth is, most SaaS providers like Salesforce follow a shared responsibility model where the vendor is responsible for application uptime and availability, while the customer is operationally and contractually liable for data protection. As such, without an advanced third-party backup, customers could risk losing their valuable Salesforce data.

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