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SFDC Launches New Health and Safety Innovations to Navigate In-Person Events!


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and consumers have adapted to nationwide lockdowns, digital-first work, and virtual healthcare. As people and organizations continue to adjust to a changing pandemic and emerging COVID-19 variants, they are also looking for ways to resume gatherings in person in this new world.

Salesforce launched its next phase of Dreampass recently along with other health and safety innovations including the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and verifiable credential management to help every organization build trusted environments, bring people together more safely, and help deliver a healthy future.

In this evolving pandemic, organizations need a robust, agile way to more effectively and safely deliver in-person experiences as part of their day-to-day operations. Now, with Salesforce’s new health and safety innovations, organizations can create more secure, safe, and verifiable workflows and deploy applications that help protect employees, customers, and communities at events.

Bringing People Together with Salesforce’s support:

Traditional monitoring and health status management is complex, cumbersome, and manual. Organizations need a robust, scalable way to streamline COVID-19 safety protocols. Together, the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and Dreampass provide technology along with best practices to help businesses more effectively and safely deliver in-person experiences.

As the pandemic evolves, Salesforce’s strategy and execution for hosting events has evolved with it. And now, Salesforce is bringing some of the lessons learned and insights gained in producing Dreamforce 2021 to the public with a free resource to help other organizations reintroduce in-person events.

In today’s uncertain health environment, vaccines and testing are critical for getting us together more safely in concert with secure, personalized, and timely communications that help build trust between organizations and consumers. Research from Salesforce’s Connected Health Consumer Report recently found that consumers who trust health organizations are over six times more likely to opt into timely communications.

Now, with Salesforce’s evolution of Dreampass, any organization can create more trusted event experiences. Available in January, Dreampass will enable organizations to scale collection and verification of COVID-19 health status, such as managing proof of vaccination and integrating with COVID-19 testing vendors like CVS Health. Dreampass will also integrate with partners, such as CLEAR and The Commons Project, to facilitate the digital health status verification process.

With Dreampass, organizations can create agile, automated communications that inform attendees about event procedures and policies. Dreampass centralizes data such as event registration, customer information, and COVID-19 health status for each attendee and then generates a secure, multifactor credential for the event.

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