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SFDC’s New “Automation Everywhere” Bundle embeds end to end AI Driven workflows anywhere!


Salesforce’s new Automation Everywhere Bundle to accelerate end-to-end workflow orchestration, automate across any system, and embed data and AI-driven workflows anywhere.

Companies need to quickly adapt to changing market conditions by automating critical business processes. However, the last mile of automation is challenging and often includes updating data in legacy systems, scanning paper documents, and routing work to multiple people and systems. The Automation Everywhere Bundle helps companies rapidly adapt to change with no-code capabilities that automate any work from repetitive tasks to manual processes across documents, images, modern apps, legacy systems, and more.

Amid macroeconomic uncertainty, leaders across every business are prioritizing investments that drive leverage for their organizations and accelerate time-to-value. As a result, companies are increasingly turning to automation, which helps boost productivity by reducing repetitive tasks and delivering personalized experiences via automation that are more efficient and effective at significantly lower cost. This frees up employees to focus on higher value work, like improving customer experiences, setting a solid business foundation to weather the highs and lows of a changing economic climate.

Automation, an integral part of the Salesforce Customer 360 is the answer, allows customers to receive highly personalized service across channels, and enables teams to boost productivity, better collaborate across the business, and focus their time on the highest value activities.

Everywhere Bundle includes:

1) Composer: Helps customers increase productivity and efficiency with no-code process automations, using pre-built connectors to the most popular enterprise apps; Connect customer and employee experiences together with clicks, not code.

2) RPA (robotic process automation): Reduces manual work and repetitive tasks by integrating the flow of work across any green screen, legacy system, or modern SaaS application; Automate document processing by capturing unstructured data from documents, images, and more.

3) Anypoint Platform: Helps innovate faster and reduce maintenance costs by leveraging powerful API management capabilities, bringing composability, governance, and monitoring to automation. Reach final mile systems wherever they are.

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