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SFDC’s “New ESG Solution” Automates Investor Reports to Increase Efficiency!


Salesforce launched New Automate ESG Reporting, a solution to help organizations meet growing stakeholder demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transparency. Automate ESG Reporting enables companies to manage ESG data in real time and easily generate framework-specific reports, streamlining the ESG reporting process to save time and costs.

ESG can reduce operating costs by up to 60%. At the same time, ESG reporting remains a significant burden for companies. Deloitte underlined the pain point of “inconsistent and unreliable data” and the lack of clear global reporting standards which has resulted in corporate fatigue and frustration. ESG reporting has become a critical element for satisfying the demands of regulators, investors, customers, partners, and other stakeholders who want visibility into how an organization is taking steps to create strong, socially responsible companies.

Automate ESG Reporting includes the following:

Net Zero Cloud now with social and governance data capabilities: In addition to environmental management, Net Zero Cloud is expanding its capabilities to include social and governance data management to include:

1) A new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) dashboard can show employee demographics from a company’s HR system in the platform.

2) A new multi-org carbon accounting capability which pulls carbon emissions data from an organization’s subsidiaries into a single instance of the platform.

3) A new Compliance & Disclosure Hub which will offer a streamlined, automated process for creating reports that align to framework-specific ESG standards.

Salesforce Customer 360 access: Beyond Net Zero Cloud, the ESG solution brings together Tableau for data visualization; MuleSoft for data integration; Experience Cloud for multi-org data sharing; and Trailhead for talent engagement.

Salesforce Partner Ecosystem integration: Salesforce has an extensive partner ecosystem providing unique expertise and solutions to accelerate customers’ journeys to net zero. The Net Zero Cloud Collection on AppExchange and the ESG Collection on Tableau Exchange include pre-built apps and experts from partners that help companies easily implement, track, analyze, and report on ESG data in real time. For example, Arcadia Data Connector, available on the Net Zero Cloud Collection, allows businesses to seamlessly automate utility data so companies can accelerate progress toward sustainability goals, accurately manage energy consumption, and simplify environmental reporting.

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