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SFDC’s New Patient 360 excites Healthcare and Life Sciences!


Salesforce announced new Patient 360 for Health innovations that provide cost-saving automation, personalized intelligence, and real-time data for healthcare and life sciences organizations to deliver comprehensive patient success and equitable care with greater efficiency.

Amid macroeconomic turbulence, the healthcare industry is on a costly path to post-pandemic recovery. Of the nearly $4 trillion spent on healthcare annually in the United States, administrative spending makes up about one-quarter of the total cost. With innovations like these, organizations are moving towards becoming more efficient and doing more with less.

Patient 360 for Health Innovations

Patient 360 for Health is built to put the patient at the center of everything. With Behavioral Health, teams can personalize engagement for patients at each step of their care journey and provide access to mental and behavioral health services more efficiently to help address behavioral health inequities.

1) Advanced Therapy Management helps pharmaceutical companies streamline and maintain full visibility around the entire treatment process for patients from referrals, apheresis, and multiple appointment scheduling to drug manufacturing and administration by connecting everyone involved in a patient’s therapy journey.

2) Salesforce Genie for Healthcare integrates real-time clinical data, such as past and current medications, and non-clinical data, such as social determinants of health, to create a more comprehensive patient profile.

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