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SFDC Recognizes Privacy as Fundamental Human Right and Business Imperative!


Salesforce is currently focused on empowering its customers to responsibly unlock the value of their data while putting privacy first, no matter where they are working. To realize these benefits, Congress must pass a federal privacy law.

Salesforce supports federal legislation that includes four fundamental concepts:

Clear corporate obligations: Include obligations such as data minimization, purpose specification and limitation, and obligations that apply specifically to service providers/processors that align with Article 28 of the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including those related to customer audit rights and authorization of subprocessors.

Rights for individuals: Include the ability to access, correct, delete, and obtain a copy of their data. These rights appear in most global privacy laws, including the three recently-passed U.S. state laws. Americans are increasingly exercising these rights with companies that enable them.

Meaningful transparency and control: Effective privacy laws should require companies to provide individuals with control over their data, including thorough just-in-time information about impactful data processing that points to controls that can be easily and effectively exercised throughout the data lifecycle.

Effective enforcement: Strong privacy laws include a strong, empowered, expert central regulator, and some form of individual redress for individuals harmed by violative practices.

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