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SFDC Remodels Learning Experience For Hybrid Work!


Many companies plan to continue remote or hybrid work into the future, but this raises new challenges for employee learning and development. In recent times, employees report fewer opportunities to develop their skills in remote work. According to Salesforce’s new research on cities, 59% of employees have reported that they had less access to workplace learning since the pandemic.

In remote or hybrid work, old ways of learning will become obsolete and employees no longer have impromptu hallway conversations with their colleagues, swivel around in their chair to get help from their managers, or grab coffee with a mentor at their company. This means companies need to rethink how they accelerate employee learning and career development. And the stakes are high, investing in employee learning helps companies retain top talent, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement.

Salesforce has traditionally offered its free training programs to mixed groups of its own and its customers’ employees. As a result, people looking for work in the Salesforce “ecosystem” could make useful contacts across both its own and its customers’ workforces. It was also anticipated that potentially useful relationships could spring up among trainees at different experience levels.

Now, Salesforce has raised its game through two recent announcements aimed at responding to the remote or hybrid work arrangements described earlier. Both are built on the observation that employees moved quickly to work, learn and collaborate from their kitchens and living rooms, but that legacy technology wasn’t designed to facilitate remote learning and connection with colleagues. Taken together, the two announcements serve to reconnect the previously separate Trailhead and Salesforce development efforts.

Salesforce Learning Paths empowers employees to access on-the-job learning directly in the flow of work. It builds on evidence that 80% of employees find it easier to retain information they learn on the job instead of through formal training. In turn, companies now need to find ways to provide on-the-job learning remotely. Through Salesforce Learning Paths, those companies can now transform what once required a full week of in-person training into small, almost seamless, moments of learning throughout the day.

Salesforce’s Reimagined Trailblazer Community sets out to reinvent peer-to-peer learning and networking for the remote world. Employees can find study groups, crowdsource answers to specific questions, connect with peers, or find mentors to help grow your career. This will bring together learning (from Trailhead) and a network (the Trailblazer Community) for the first time, and place it at any participating career owner’s fingertips.

Also, Customer demand and the escalating costs of higher education have also provided opportunities for Salesforce to offer training in the integration of and skill development in Amazon Cloud, Apple iOS, the Google platform, IBM Blockchain and Watson Discovery, the Microsoft Outlook platform and other technologies.

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