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SFDC Social Commerce enters TikTok!


A Billion Reasons why!

Salesforce is partnering with TikTok to make it easier for Commerce Cloud merchants to engage with the TikTok community, including advertising to users and making their products more discoverable. This partnership is the latest Commerce Cloud platform investment to help businesses reach social-media-savvy shoppers.

Nearly one in 10 purchases are now made on social media, and that number is only increasing. With social commerce becoming an increasingly important channel, this partnership presents an opportunity for businesses to understand today’s social shoppers and curate highly-personalized content for TikTok’s 1 billion monthly users, giving consumers multiple opportunities to engage with their favorite brands at any time.

Forward-looking brands need to have a presence anywhere their customers might want to meet them, so the boundaries of commerce must extend beyond any single channel and, on the back end, data has to flow across those channels so companies can deliver connected experiences efficiently. Salesforce already made great strides in helping brands leverage the power of Customer 360 to seamlessly connect with customers on social media through integrations with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and this partnership with TikTok is the next crucial piece of the puzzle.

Why should salesforce partner with Tiktok?

Because this partnership will enable merchants to seamlessly and efficiently build SFDC’s presence on TikTok by:

1 Supercharging merchandiser productivity with automated smart product feeds through a rich in-app experience. Merchants can get their products published quickly and easily on TikTok via a diverse array of catalog-focused advertising solutions with simple one-click set up, which will sync pre-existing Commerce Cloud catalogs on TikTok.

2 Delivering world-class personalization and ad conversion efficiency with TikTok Pixel, which makes it quick and easy for merchants to analyze ad performance and optimize campaigns for improved product discovery. Advanced Matching also lets merchants better match TikTok ads and build audiences for retargeting.

3 Elevating the customer journey with dynamic video and collection ads to inspire new audiences across channels. Merchants can now easily add and launch TikTok as a new sales channel within Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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