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SFDC Territory Planning Tools To Help Sales Teams!


New Territory Planning capabilities support field, digital, and hybrid selling models, and factor in rep skill sets, seniority, and other capacity constraints. Salesforce has announced new Salesforce Maps Territory Planning innovations, making it easier for sales operations leaders to assess territory mapping needs, enhance selling models, and realign coverage based on multiple factors including role, location, and level of expertise.

For many companies, sales teams have typically been responsible for selling within territories where they live and work and the process for designing those territories has been tedious and manual. Companies need to know how many sales reps they need, and where, to drive revenue growth. With the shift over the last two years away from in-person selling to more hybrid or fully digital engagements, it has become even more complicated to effectively design territories.

New Salesforce Maps Territory Planning innovations include:

Territory Planning for Digital Selling: Enables sales operations leaders to create territory planning models that flexibly support field, digital, and hybrid selling models. Within a single plan, companies can specify whether a given territory should be contiguous or non-contiguous allowing them to quickly and easily design equitable territories that match their sales process.

Territory Planning for Workload Variation: Sets sales teams up for success by factoring in rep skill sets, seniority, and other capacity constraints when balancing territories. With Territory Planning for Workload Variation, new hires get up to speed quickly and confidently, assigned to territories with reduced scope, while senior reps are assigned broader yet manageable scopes.

Territory Planning for Team Selling: Empowers teams to plan related territories in order to foster team collaboration and continuity across different roles. Now, instead of designing territories from scratch, companies can visually overlay an existing territory plan on top of a new or proposed plan. For example, aligning a sales rep’s territory with a solution engineer’s territory improves collaboration and sales effectiveness.

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