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SFDC Unveils Commerce Innovations to Help Organizations Across Industries!


Salesforce unveiled new commerce innovations designed to help companies in any industry build customer loyalty, deliver frictionless experiences from discovery to fulfillment, and personalize every interaction.

Eighty-eight percent of business buyers and consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Commerce Cloud unifies customer and order data to create a connected and personalized buying experience for businesses and consumers across marketing, sales, and service touchpoints.

With these new commerce innovations available on the Salesforce platform, companies across industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, tech, and consumer goods can harness the power of automation and unified customer data to embed personalized commerce opportunities enabling customers to grow revenue and margins while driving efficiency and cutting costs.

Commerce Cloud helps build trusted experiences in healthcare and life sciences industry:

Healthcare companies expect 46% of revenue to come from digital channels in the next two years. With Commerce Cloud, healthcare organizations can:

1) Quickly launch trusted storefronts with a HIPAA-compliant commerce platform for easy ordering of medical devices, consumables, and pharmaceutical supplies.

2) Streamline post-purchase journeys and reduce costs with connected commerce, order management, and service providing order visibility, real-time inventory, and easy order modifications for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

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