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SFDC uses A.I to Enhance Implementation Services for Analytics Solutions!


Businesses are moving towards Salesforce-based artificial intelligence (AI) and deep analytics solutions to build omnichannel customer and employee experiences. By implementing data analytics and AI tools, companies can create a human touch to deliver new levels of customer experience. Salesforce’s Tableau analytics and Einstein AI platforms allow organizations to handle increasing interactions across multiple channels. SFDC introduces a new quadrant, Implementation Services for Analytics Solutions on Salesforce, that examines the relatively new and growing market for analytics implementations by Salesforce service providers.

Salesforce - Lifeline for Businesses

Salesforce and solutions like it have been a lifeline for U.S. enterprises forced to change the way they reach customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enabling omnichannel experiences with AI and analytics is just one of the new ways these solutions have come into play.

Salesforce shares Marketing Cloud solution tips for enterprises that are returning to work after the pandemic while still optimizing digital-first employee and customer experiences. Enterprises are focused on staying flexible, adopting automation to handle growing transaction volumes and using analytics and AI to deliver more personalized experiences.

By implementing data analytics and AI tools, companies can create a human touch to deliver new levels of customer experience. Direct, one-on-one communication, at scale and across multiple channels thereby increasing engagement and revenue.

Similar insights on a broad range of other Salesforce-related services for organizations of all sizes, including managed application services, multi-cloud implementation and integration for large enterprises, and implementation of Salesforce core clouds for the midmarket has been identified. Most U.S. companies take a hybrid cloud approach and prefer service providers with strong integration capabilities and a global presence, while some midsize customers embrace a purely agile methodology.

U.S. evaluates the capabilities of 42 providers across six quadrants: Multi-Cloud Implementation & Integration Services for Large Enterprises, Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket, Implementation Services for Marketing Cloud Midmarket, Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises, Managed Application Services for Midmarket and Implementation Services for Analytics Solutions on Salesforce.

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