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Salesforce AWS Machine Learning Tool Digitizes Document Management Processes!


Salesforce launched a new machine learning tool on February 10, 2021 powered by Amazon Web Services, that aims to help healthcare and life sciences organizations digitize their document management processes on a single platform.

Intelligent document automation (IDA), as it’s called, is designed for use with another new Salesforce tool called intelligent form reader. Salesforce's Intelligent Document Automation technology uses machine learning to read incoming documents and help workers automatically route them to the right place. For example, payers can use the tech to set up routing for prior authorization requests, such as drug prescriptions, that are faxed based on date, priority or request type.

With IDA, Salesforce is promising its customers reduced manual data entry while enabling them to manage all patients or members from a single place. So any incoming documents, including typed or handwritten forms such as patient referrals that may have arrived as a digital or hard copy (e.g. by fax or post), can now be automatically analyzed and routed to the right queue for review and processing in Salesforce’s Health Cloud.

The intelligent form reader, which leans on optical character recognition (OCR) technology, is powered by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Textract. AWS launched Textract in 2019, leveraging machine learning smarts to enable any business to automatically extract content from tables, forms, pages, and more. A few months back, AWS introduced added support for handwriting recognition and a host of new languages.

Any business wishing to use Salesforce’s intelligent form reader must also have a separate Textract license, which is available through Salesforce.

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