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Salesforce Adds More Employee Experience Tools to!


Salesforce claims it will stay out of the human resources cloud business for now, but the company continues to add features to that directly impact HR and employee experiences. Salesforce will soon be releasing HR Service Center, a package of tools that enables users to customize processes such as onboarding or applying for short-term leave. Also coming are AI-powered Employee Concierge Bots, which can answer common questions, search content repositories and escalate problems that can't be solved with automation.

Planned for November release are Wellbeing, which includes a bot that checks in on employees, points them to content that may help reduce stress, and gives managers a heads-up to help take steps to prevent employee burnout. Talent, which organizes skills' development into Trailhead-style courses, complete with badges, and Service Catalog, which takes requests for things like office supplies and new furniture and creates an IT ticket-style workflow.

Salesforce resurrected the long-dormant domain during the pandemic in 2020. Salesforce aggregated disparate tools for remote workers under the Bubble, including an online desktop, contact tracing and a place for employers to post return-to-work policies.

Most of the features were borne from Salesforce's own needs, homegrown to support Salesforce employees who worked from home during the pandemic. Salesforce created the Wellbeing bot, for example, as a method to assess, measure or address remote employee burnout. While the company had "top-down" ways to do that with management meetings, the bot provides a more proactive, confidential "pulse check" for individual employees. Content to help employees manage stress and anxiety will be provided by expert partners such as Thrive Global and others.

No HR Cloud For Now!

Salesforce will continue to roll out features to support the remote employee experience, as many employees will choose to continue to work from home after the pandemic is over. Therefore, Salesforce plans to move into human capital management (HCM) systems and compete with Workday, Sage and SAP SuccessFactors. Salesforce is attempting to streamline the employee experience on all of those systems in the same way they are trying to streamline the customer experience.

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