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Salesforce Announces “Free Upgrade” to Accelerate Vaccine Scheduling!


Salesforce announced a free upgrade to Vaccine Cloud customers to help meet this deadline with more powerful out-of-the-box scheduling capabilities. The new Vaccine Cloud enhancements include faster, more reliable and more equitable ways for people to schedule vaccine appointments.

Vaccine appointment scheduling:

The new vaccine cloud capabilities make scheduling appointments faster and easier for the people in the US while also helping organizations handle the increasing scale with a better experience, as the general public can more easily register to hold their place in line and be notified when an appointment is ready. It also integrates with any scheduling system in use. Here’s how it works:

1) The general public can pre-register to receive a vaccine on their own time via a scalable website, which can handle up to millions of visitors per day. This helps eliminate the need to constantly refresh the page to see new appointments or having to wait for hours on the phone, and helps ensure residents won’t encounter broken webpages or lockouts.

2) Once eligible, residents are notified to schedule their appointment via the channel of their choice, such as email or SMS. They can make the appointment in just a few minutes, avoiding the need to wait for and time the exact moments when slots are released on the website.

3) Vaccine Cloud then connects that person to a personalized scheduling process with a one-time use link, which can help ensure equitable access to the system.

4) When the person clicks the link, the webpage shows where and when appointments are available and holds their place in line until an appointment is booked, helping to ease the appointment scheduling process and reduce wait times. There are no dependencies on vaccine inventory or need to push people to a virtual waiting room if traffic spikes.

Key SFDC Features in use:

1) Confirmation notice with appointment details

2) High volume asynchronous registration page: webpage that supports large numbers of people accessing

3) Information capture and registration page: Collect basic information about people to assign them to appointment availability

4) Confirmation page after registering

5) Eligibility Notification: personalized link to the scheduling site for open appointment slots

6) Confirmation notice with appointment details

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