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Salesforce Announces Strategic Partnership with Hearsay Systems!

08/03/2020, Inc. and Hearsay Systems have announced a strategic partnership and investment from Salesforce Ventures. This relationship comes at a time when there is an increased demand for stronger product integrations thus allowing advisor-client interactions to be automatically captured in Salesforce’s CRM system.

Hearsay Systems is a trusted leader in compliant digital communications for the financial services industry. And the deeper partnership with Salesforce will provide compliance at scale for heavily regulated financial services firms to deliver a human client experience across digital channels.

Using Salesforce, Hearsay will continue to reinvent the advisor-client experience in wealth management, home lending, property and casualty, and life insurance by allowing advisors and agents to authentically and intelligently grow business relationships by proactively guiding and capturing the last mile of digital communications.

Traditional in-person meetings have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So advisors and agents need to connect quickly and compliantly with clients during a period of economic uncertainty. Hearsay has seen a 50% surge in texting volume between advisors and clients over its platform since the start of the pandemic.

Through its partnership with Salesforce, Hearsay provides compliance at scale to enable firms to deliver a rich human-client experience across digital channels. The demand for compliant last-mile digital communication channels for financial firms is surging due to the new socially distanced reality.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hearsay has seen 3X product utilization for 2020 compared to 2019 year-to-date. And along with increased usage of these digital communication channels, the demand for integrations of CRM and other core systems with last-mile client engagement has nearly doubled. These integrations resulted in up to 10x volume of last-mile activities captured in CRM thus providing critical context to inform the next best actions.

And the partnership will encompass stronger product integrations thus allowing insights from advisor activities to be captured in Salesforce. This provides visibility into omnichannel advisor-client conversations that are happening in the field across compliant text messaging, mobile calls, social media, and advisor websites. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Hearsay for Salesforce is currently available via the Salesforce AppExchange.

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