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Salesforce: Combining AI and automation Delivers Productivity!


Salesforce Einstein Automate is just the beginning. John Kucera, SVP of Product Management for Automation at Salesforce, believes the combination of AI and automation into voice-enabled digital assistants will give us "superpowers" that help people build relationships and make us more productive.

At Dreamforce 2020, Salesforce unveiled Einstein Automate, an automation platform designed to help customers automate workflows and connect applications using the low-code or no-code tools. Robotic process automation is a key part of enterprise digital transformation strategies and I had a chance to speak with John Kucera, SVP of Product Management for Automation at Salesforce, about Einstein Automate, how the company is using AI as part of its automation solution, the kinds of tasks Salesforce customers are automating, whether he believes automation will lead to fewer jobs and when we'll be able to talk to Tableau like we do a smart speaker.

Process Automation has been part of the digital transformation efforts and plans of companies for a while now. Because of Covid, Customers had to do two years of digital transformation in two weeks or two months when the entire new way of working was thrust upon so many different people. And so that created massive need and demand for automation. Fundamentally, Automation is taking away the tedious, the inaccuracies from the processes.

Automation Eliminates tedious tasks: People are really good at what they do. People are the only things that can build any relationships, that can delight customers and make judgment decisions. That's what Salesforce does every day. Prioritizing the direction ahead in order to deliver satisfaction to the customers. Building relationships that have mutual understanding of the problem, strategic knowledge, forms the basic hypothesis of what to do and creates a pathway to work towards it.

Einstein Automate: Combines AI, low-code workflow tools and MuleSoft integration. Salesforce customers today already have a Flow. Flow Builder, a tool for automation enables the user to update data in Salesforce, make actions in another system like Stripe for doing payments. And, also have it do complex logic. Salesforce integrates with the number one integration platform in the world MuleSoft, so that the users can connect to any system.

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