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Salesforce Improves Order Management!


Salesforce has released an updated version of Salesforce Order Management for Commerce Cloud. The new version extends the solution to support more international markets, as well as the new localisations. Salesforce has also released Quick Start Commerce for Channels. It extends the functionality of Sales Order Management into new social media channels such as Instagram.

Salesforce Order Management internationalised:

Salesforce has localised part of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, Salesforce Order Management for many countries. It includes support for currencies, addresses, payment types, tax formats, timezone, date and number formats. It also now supports 35 languages, including right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

This opens up the possibility for companies to launch and provide products across the world from a single solution. It makes it easier to provide a localised eCommerce site even though fulfilment might still be a challenge. While Salesforce provides the front end, financial systems such as FinancialForce and Accounting Seed will need to provide the backend accounting system. Commerce Cloud, as a product-centric offering, now opens up the possibility of further international expansion for both companies.

Quick Start for channels:

This new feature enables Salesforce customers to rapidly deploy Order Management and checkout capabilities into social channels in four weeks. It enables them to publish a single unified product catalogue outside the traditional commerce store without having to maintain a duplicate copy. Salesforce has not explicitly stated which social media channels are available on launch, although Instagram is showcased as an example. Commerce Cloud also provides integration to Facebook.

The extension enables the customer to engage within the social media channel to view, search and place orders. Regardless of where the customer initiated the order, the solution enables companies to initiate returns, refunds and exchanges. Pricing is a minimum of $90K per year with a minimum 3-month commitment. The price includes the cost of the service partner to build and operate the feature. For more information regarding Salesforce's Quick Start Commerce Solution, please Click “here”.

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