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Salesforce and WhatsApp Partnership Changes the Way People and Businesses Engage Globally!


At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce and WhatsApp announced a new strategic partnership that will allow Salesforce customers to connect with their customers and build new messaging experiences on WhatsApp. WhatsApp-first business messaging will bring the companies’ best-in-class capabilities to deliver modern, convenient, integrated, and personalized experiences between people and businesses, worldwide. This integration will transform how brands connect seamlessly with consumers through conversational engagement across marketing, commerce, and service interactions. And, companies will activate their customers directly through the brand-new Salesforce Genie, a new data platform powering the world’s first real-time CRM that delivers seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

This enables companies to target those audiences with real-time data that informs Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive customers to a one-to-one messaging experience. The new integration will enable brands to easily customize their experience to connect with their customers in a fast, simple, and personal way to answer questions, provide support, and promote and sell products. This increases engagement, loyalty, convenience, interaction, and satisfaction for both the brand and the customer.

Know How WhatsApp with the Customer 360 increases revenue and customer engagement Globally:

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud applications will integrate with WhatsApp to support promotional and customer service messaging, and soon, transactional conversational commerce capabilities. Businesses will be able to transform brand and customer relationships across billions of conversations by personalizing the messaging experiences for every customer, at scale. This will enable customers to engage audiences on WhatsApp, accelerate sales, and drive better 24/7 customer support. Features include:

1) Craft an end-to-end customer journey: Create, send, and manage connections with customers throughout their journey using WhatsApp and Journey Builder to create seamless customer experiences. For example, customers may receive a WhatsApp message with a reminder about an upcoming order arriving next week. As an extra incentive, the message could include a promotion with a 20% discount for a new or related product offering. The user could then confirm via a button whether to automatically add this new product to their next order.

2) Personalize every moment and message with the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (CDP): With Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform, powered by Salesforce Genie, Salesforce customers will be able to personalize marketing-driven interactions on WhatsApp in real time using trusted first-party customer data. Whatsapp-first business messaging will leverage AI-insights from across Salesforce and other sources to personalize customer engagement with intelligent promotions, and recommendations, in each moment, at scale. Brands can also easily activate audiences directly through the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform, powered by Genie’s real-time data, to target high-value segments or new audiences with Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive customers to a one-to-one messaging experience.

3) Improve selling and service conversations through AI and automation: Reduce support wait time and increase efficiency by using a combination of convenient automation and personal interactions via messaging on WhatsApp. Salesforce customers using tools like automation and AI-powered chatbots saw a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and more than 27% increase in agent productivity, customer retention, and case resolution. According to the State of Marketing Report, 60% of customers are open to using AI to improve their experiences.

4) Features that enrich customer conversations: Salesforce customers will be able to use customizable message templates that include brand and product videos and images, or showcase products and services with interactive messages that allow consumers to review and purchase products in WhatsApp. Customizable buttons enable users to respond with a single tap or click, or trigger actions like opening a web link.

5) Privacy and security by default: Privacy is at the core of WhatsApp. Every WhatsApp message sent between businesses and their customers is protected by Signal encryption protocol that secures messages before they leave your device.

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