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Salesforce opens up their online learning platform to everyone!


Every industry is dealing with job losses due to the coronavirus crisis. While the tech industry is not immune, many expect it to withstand the recession better than other sectors, particularly companies that are benefiting from the shift to remote work, like enterprise cloud businesses.

Currently, Salesforce provides free access to its online learning tools that could help people looking for more reliable work preparation for future tech roles. Salesforce's Trailhead is one such platform with a 30% increase in traffic in March.

Trailhead was first started as a way for Salesforce employees to learn new tech, business, and soft skills, and later it was expanded outside the company as a free platform for people to learn how to use Salesforce's software. As of March, there are 2 million learners using the platform.

Salesforce rethinking education with Trailhead

The ultimate goal of Trailhead is to rethink career training and education and give people an easy way to learn new technology skills. The tech industry has created a host of new jobs that higher education institutions do not have specific curriculum around, like mobile app developer, business process automator, Salesforce administrator, etc.,

Trailhead is focussed on helping people to gain the skills required for skills-based professions and continues to add more to the platform to meet new needs. Since 2014, It has evolved from offering traditional online learning to adding on-demand videos from experts and live broadcasts. The live video feature, Trailhead LIVE, has seen four times as much usage than normal in the month of March, as people seek advice on how to navigate the new normal of the pandemic.

Recently, Trailhead partnered with Southern New Hampshire University to provide an unique opportunity for people to get college credits for their courses. Creating a bridge for people to use the skills they learn on Trailhead to actually find a job, as many companies still require their workers to have an accredited college degree. Also, one of the overall goals of Trailhead is to offer people a more affordable way to break into the tech workforce.

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