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TruQua Enterprises Announces Strategic Partnership with Celonis


TruQua Enterprises announced on June 17, 2020 about it’s strategic partnership with Celonis, the New York and Munich-based leader in process excellence and business transformation software. This partnership combines TruQua’s SAP finance and analytics expertise with the powerful process mining technology of the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud (IBC).

Celonis’s integration capabilities with SAP provides customers with the ability to achieve new levels of transparency with visualizations into as-is business processes. With this level of transparency, process weaknesses can be quickly identified and remediated to ensure optimal performance of a customers’ SAP systems.

TruQua is thrilled to bring the latest advancements in Process Mining to the customers. With Celonis, TruQua assures to provide even deeper process analysis insights that will help accelerate and shape customers ongoing and future transformation projects and initiatives.

It’s never been more clear that businesses need to be agile and equipped to respond in real-time in dynamic market conditions. Celonis’ real-time data extraction and comprehensive integration capabilities, combined with TruQua’s deep finance and technology transformation expertise, helps customers more quickly achieve process excellence and enables them to excel in their digital transformation initiatives.

IdeaHelix is a Celonis Partner with certified Sales, Data Analyst and Developers ready to deliver solutions to companies. For more details follow or Reach out to us at