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Choosing Happiness

What Covid -19 Couldn't shut down?

Humanity’s Positive Response to the Pandemic!


Yes, It is a pandemic. News bulletins start to overwhelm. The “End” appears long and distant. But then, the times have also brought out the best out of humanity. Teams, companies, individuals around the world have come together to serve humanity in more than one way.

We are reading headlines, everyday. Medical professionals, grocery employees, delivery drivers, mail carriers, firefighters, nursing homes, are putting their lives on the line everyday for the sake of humanity. We want to take a moment and close our eyes and feel the energy of these selfless humans and thank them for being there for us.

There are Technology companies also doing their share of work, not far behind. Technology companies are innovating, adjusting to deliver critical ventilators (Tesla making ventilators now, Bloom Energy is fixing the earlier models and delivering them across California) Several others have started making Personal Protective equipments such (Apple is making the mask) companies are continuing to develop solutions, solving current problems, ensuring the world remains connected and strong. Today, we take pride in highlighting some of the initiatives.

“Yes to Hiring”!

Salesforce, San Francisco’s largest private employer, has 2,200 open positions, announced the CEO MarcBenioff. Salesforce has been a pioneer in 1-1-1 philanthropy which is a world renowned phenomenon. Now when the times are tough, SFDC once again raises to serve the community.

Facebook announced that it is planning to hire 10,000 people across tech and product in 2020 in order to deliver for billions of people and millions of businesses that rely on them. Google’s plans to spend $10 billion on offices and data centers. The company is prioritizing the hiring of employees’ friends and family members who have lost jobs because of the effects of the coronavirus through a referral program.

Other companies, particularly in e-commerce, may bring some relief to the jobless. Amazon already hired more than 80,000 out of an additional 100,000 warehouse employees to handle exploding demand for shipped goods even as the retail industry stares down the barrel.

Work From Home

Now, with “skyrocketing demand” for work-from-home internet, phone and data use, the Dell Boomi system, implemented a couple of years ago, has been invaluable during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Now, Boomi is easily helping customers. Be it to continue fixing issues or booking engineers online and making it easier for the company to add additional channels and services including Comcast NBCUniversal content for free. Boomi has developed a trove of information on how workers, bosses, customers and contractors need to interact remotely.

Those are just a few examples of the stories we’ve covered. Did you participate in a random act of kindness by your employer? Or heard/ or saw someone doing it? Please feel free to reach out to us and share your story! We would love to spread the positive messages in the upcoming blog posts.

And this is how we are ending this week, as the world starts to heal. Let us look forward to a bright new beginning ahead. Thank you.