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What to know in the new Version of Service Cloud?


Salesforce announced the latest version of Service Cloud ahead of the Success Anywhere world tour event. The update includes the immediate availability of Salesforce Virtual Assistant with other elements following later in the year. The intent is to address the technology gap faced by 88% of service professionals.

The new features enhance the service professionals’ ability to work from home or in the field. Even as the world reopens with travel restrictions lifted, there is still uncertainty on how the service industry will operate. Organisations have found huge value in delivering remote field service technology such as that provided by IFS with Remote Assistance. Salesforce is now strengthening its solutions.

The update includes improvements to Service Cloud Voice, Workforce Engagement, Visual Remote Assistant, and several features to address industry-specific challenges. Service Cloud 360 now supports the multiple methods of service that are required. This includes online, curbside pickup, or in-person. Service professionals can deliver great experiences whether working from home or on the road.

Video Remote Assistance

The Visual Remote Assistant enables technicians to assist customers with repairs remotely. Experts can also provide remote support to technicians without travelling, ensuring that a higher number of more complex tasks can be completed without the need for the experts to travel. The solution works by connecting the customer or technician’s phone camera to the Salesforce desktop. This enables the technician to see what the customer sees and advise them accordingly. The application includes augmented reality capabilities. It enables the engineer to place a pointer on the device screen, directing the customer to the correct switch or location to check something. The application also uses AI to recognise characters, including serial numbers, to increase efficiency.

Call centre integration

The major new feature with this release is the ability to integrate existing phone systems into Service Cloud Voice with Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony. This completes the omnichannel solution combining phone, digital channels, and CRM data in a single view for service agents. Service Cloud Voice also includes real-time call transcription and AI-powered guidance for the next steps. This will enable agents to deliver a more efficient personalised experience, with potentially less training. Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony will be available in June.

Enhanced Workforce planning

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement provides a dynamic workforce planning application powered by AI to ensure that managers can distribute their workforce to meet demand. Service Forecast for Customer 360 enables business leaders to allocate resources based on an estimate to plan staffing needs across phone, chat, text, or social engagements. The solution will also provide a personalised agent engagement delivering real-time coaching and on-demand training via myTrailhead, all within one desktop.

Einstein Bots

Still in beta but aiming for general availability in October, Salesforce also announced that it is developing Pre-Built Einstein Bots to assist with service requests. It is developing these to provide an intelligent interface to customers with a seamless handover to human agents at an appropriate point. 81% of service decision-makers report that they are accelerating digital initiatives.

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