Archima Launches 360-Degree Salesforce Schema Management Tool!


Archima Solutions has launched ArchiMeta Studio, the only definitive 360-degree view of the Salesforce object schema on the market. Salesforce administrators, developers and data architects can now use this tool to generate data dictionaries, consolidate or migrate orgs, and streamline overlapping scrum team development.

ArchiMeta Studio features include:

1) Field-level usage statistics and field attribute details

2) Caching mechanism to improve offline work and performance

3) Complete look at field dependencies across apex, formula references, email templates, layouts and more

4) Multiple authentication methods

5) Connection to multiple Salesforce instances with flexible organization method

6) CSV and fully formatted Excel schema documents

7) Compound searching to better locate objects and fields

This must-have tool was inspired by one of Archima’s clients who approached the team with some Salesforce schema challenges. Upon confronting those challenges, Archima realized that many people can greatly benefit from the solutions they have developed.

Salesforce schema is often scattered throughout an org environment, costing companies a lot of time and money to manage and analyze metadata that may ultimately be stale. Now, there's a central location for this information as well as an ability to make real-time decisions about Salesforce MetaData.

Archima is currently providing a 30-day trial for ArchiMeta Studio. After Salesforce professionals provide a description of their metadata challenges, Archima team will assign specific IT experts based on their needs, personality, skill level, industry-based knowledge and operations atmosphere. This will allow for tailored internal processes and high-touch customer service.

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