Dell Boomi: Global Survey on Digital transformation!


Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, announced a new global survey, commissioned with Vanson Bourne that reveals how organizations are reaping the rewards of IT modernization, digital transformation and innovation, but there is still a lot more to do.

Today, technology supports and drives every business, from banks to retailers, whether customer-facing or internally focused. Companies that find ways to maximize their budget when investing in digital strategies and technologies have the opportunity to improve their ROI by more than 1,000%.

According to Asia Pacific (APAC), top barriers for digital transformation and innovation efforts include insufficient in-house skills (41%) followed by a restrictive budget (33%). Businesses in APAC have realized the importance of converging and simplifying automation technologies to fully realize positive business outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (46%) is the standout technology for organizations in the next five years, followed by security innovation (35%) and big data analytics (35%). However, Big data analytics is receiving the biggest investment as part of the innovation initiatives.

Businesses are turning to “low-code” to drive transformation initiatives. Companies are trying to do more with employees who have less technical expertise. That’s why investing in low code platforms is a big focus for more than half of enterprises that don’t have one already. Almost 50% businesses anticipate to introduce a low-code development platform before the end of 2020.

However, Today’s transformation efforts are focused primarily on customer experience (54%) and employee productivity (50%). Both of these areas are crucial for supporting more modern, agile customers and workforces. Business and IT decision-makers agree the biggest benefit they have seen from modernization is improved customer experience (49%).

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