Boomi To Start Using “Smartsheet” to Stay Competitive in the Market!


Smartsheet, the enterprise platform for dynamic work announced on September 15, 2020, that Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, is leveraging Smartsheet to operationalize processes across finance, professional services, and executive reporting to reduce manual efforts, increase visibility, and accelerate time-to-value for customers and partners.

The dashboard view that Smartsheet provides Boomi’s geographically dispersed executive team has helped them modernize their processes, increase the speed of execution, and deliver better. Boomi helps teams drive their digital transformations, and as the company introduced “smart sheets” teams re-envisioned how they manage, track, and execute on their work with Smartsheet. Currently, Boomi uses Smartsheet’s dynamic platform to provide the speed, flexibility and adaptability needed to make strategic decisions that move business forward.

Why did Boomi prefer Smartsheet?

Achieving a level of organizational efficiency amidst rapid growth across the business, especially during these challenging times, is critical for any company. And, Boomi needed a platform that could provide the executive leadership team visibility and transparency across the business to enable their peers to make real-time decisions.

Boomi operates in more than 67 countries around the world and several departments use Smartsheet to drive operations on a global scale. By eliminating manual efforts through streamlined processes, Boomi has significantly reduced the amount of time required for the implementation of professional services creating transparency and visibility for customers and partners. Boomi has also created many internal processes that create controls for finance while expediting the overall process time by using automated reporting and workflows.

Boomi understands that Smartsheet’s platform for dynamic work can help them meet the evolving needs of their customers, continue to rapidly innovate, and empower their teams to succeed.

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