Deloitte’s GovConnect Built on Salesforce Suite to Support COVID-19 Recovery


Deloitte's new GovConnect software suite, built on the Salesforce platform, is meant to help governments set up contact tracing programs, manage business reopenings and support remote work, among other things.

In normal times, the new software suite from Deloitte’s GovConnect, which was built on the Salesforce platform would be sold as a means to help the government do its core work better. It has tools for case management, call center operation and public health information exchange.

But currently controlling the coronavirus is the need of the hour. So, Deloitte is launching GovConnect now as a tool to help governments track the spread of the disease, perform contact tracing, engage businesses as they reopen and support more public servants working remotely.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that state and local governments have a technology platform that allows them to manage the recovery process while also helping enable their employees to get safely back to work. The solution can be configured and customized to meet state and local government’s specific requirements and also helps to provide an open platform for integrating with existing public health assets.

The core idea is to help governments gather together the information necessary for allowing economic activity to resume while avoiding a resurgence of COVID-19 cases that would lead to more deaths and a longer recovery period.

GovConnect represents a move toward productization for Deloitte, which has made its name as a consultant and provider of services. The company has, however, offered products for the public sector before, such as the PublicEDGE platform.

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