No-Code Brings Joy To Public Sector Program Delivery!


Salesforce’s No-code digital tools deliver tremendous value to the public sector by empowering their employees, regardless of technical expertise, to build and evolve the digital solutions they require to effectively serve their constituents. As agencies face new crises and shifting legislative policies, Salesforce’s Business Rules Engine ensures that there is no delay in carrying out their missions and delivering benefits to qualified applicants.

Business Rules Engine empowers business users, regardless of their technical expertise, to update the digital tools and rules they use to carry out policies. Many government programs can be quite complex, making eligibility decisions and explaining those decisions to constituents difficult. Licensing and permitting, HR processes like personnel action requests, and grant programs such as unemployment assistance, SNAP, and Medicaid, all require complex decision logic.

By dragging and dropping formulas or reusing templates, users can quickly launch new programs that automate decisions while being able to easily modify them in concert with changing mission needs.

Salesforce’s Business Rules Engine value to the public sector includes:

No-code, flexible platform for faster service: Business users can build, test, and execute rules within Salesforce with just a few clicks, while also taking advantage of templates to quickly launch application portals that automatically process applications against thousands of rules.

Faster resolution for constituents: Rather than submitting an application into a queue for manual review, constituents are able to input their personal information into a form that updates dynamically, and then quickly receive an answer on whether they qualify for certain benefits, such as unemployment insurance or housing assistance. Applications are then automatically passed along to a caseworker for final approval, ensuring minimal delay in benefits being distributed.

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