Refreshing Business Processes with Celonis


Businesses experience market changes in every sector and its success depends on productivity and competitiveness. And, employees have direct influence on performance and business conditions. Therefore, firms need to enhance productivity and service quality to improve efficiency and innovation to obtain a competitive advantage.

This is where Celonis comes in, a high-tech firm dedicated to process mining. The main purpose of Celonis is to increase business efficiency and improve its work levels. Celonis facilitates the application and supervision of business processes and studies performance from different features, levels, and hierarchies of the corporations. Currently, Celonis offers services in the Process Mining platform which monitors and evaluates every facet of a business, in order to create the ideal transformation plan for a company.

All solutions in one package

The process mining platform offers operational applications that have different management functions that includes controlling control accounts payable and material management for the supply chain, external and internal audit alternatives as well as an online digital consulting tool.

With Celonis’ software, it is possible to determine which portion of a business is unproductive or lacking. It can determine the expected productivity of a person in a business, no matter what position they may hold.

Celonis also offers an intelligent business cloud that provides solutions for improving a company’s customer experience. This is important as it includes employee training, process efficiency, and overall production.

It also has finance, product, and service management as well as sales and marketing. It can also assist in solving productivity problems and optimizes any business activity or process that needs improvements.

If you’re a business owner and you want to try it out, you can get started and try it for free. IdeaHelix is a Celonis Partner with certified Sales, Data Analyst and Developers ready to deliver solutions to companies. For more details follow or Reach out to us at