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SFDC’s New Loyalty Management Platform, What is it for you?


Salesforce has introduced a new product that helps brands to increase customer trust and engagement. The new offering, Loyalty Management, helps B2B and B2C users build or enhance their loyalty programs. It will be available Starting February.

Built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Loyalty Management can serve companies in the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel and hospitality and other sectors.

According to David Schmaier, CEO, Salesforce Industries, “the goal is to help those marketers evolve their loyalty programs from a transactional to a human-centric approach”.

Salesforce Loyalty Management provides:

1) A flexible loyalty platform
2) Personalized loyalty offerings
3) Integration or loyalty throughout the entire organization with one source of truth
4) Measurement of loyalty program performance.

The company revealed that over a third of U.S. consumers have tried new brands since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 80% plan to stick with them. As successful loyalty programs move beyond simple point and redemption exchanges and focus more on early access, experiences and products, existing loyalty solutions have become really slow to adapt.

Customers are looking for a loyalty management product that represents the next-generation of loyalty and gives companies the freedom to create, evolve and measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalized and engaging offerings.

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