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SFDC Deepens Partnership with AWS for New “Bring Your Own AI” Innovations!


At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce and AWS announced new integrations between the Salesforce Platform and Amazon SageMaker. The integrations will enable customers to use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service, alongside Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to build new AI models tailored to the unique needs of their business and use them in real time across the Customer 360.

Now, data scientists and developers will have seamless access to real-time, unified, and cleansed customer data alongside other data from their AWS data lake or data warehouse for building and training ML models in Amazon SageMaker using their framework or tools of choice. These custom-built models can be used across the Salesforce Platform to power predictions and insights for customers. This drastically shortens time-to-value for custom AI investments by simplifying the process of training and deploying ML models for production use.

Salesforce Genie enables these integrations. Genie is a real-time customer data platform that powers the Salesforce Customer 360. This new real-time customer data platform unlocks the ability to grant Amazon SageMaker with secure, native data access for model training, and also enables real-time inference calls to Amazon SageMaker to power AI predictions anywhere across the Salesforce Platform.

Customer experience is most impactful when it happens in the moment that matters to the customer, when it’s personalized, and when it’s comprehensive and it requires a massive amount of real-time data, automation, and intelligence to train AI models to understand a brand’s customer and a brand’s business.

Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce together aim to solve this challenge by enabling data scientists and developers to successfully build, deploy, and run high-quality machine learning models at scale.

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