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SFDC Extends CRM License Program For Non-Profits!


Salesforce is continuing the Power of Us program, part of its 1:1:1 model, which encourages organizations to leverage technology and resources to improve communities. Salesforce offered nonprofits and educational institutions technology donations and pro bono support totaling $1.45 billion in Fiscal Year 2021.

Through the Power of Us program, nonprofits and education institutions get 10 free licenses and select Salesforce products. Many nonprofits and education institutions drive impact without ever paying beyond the 10 free licenses, according to a spokesperson for Salesforce. Organizations only pay if they go beyond the 10 free licenses and/or adopt other products made available at nonprofit discounts.

The $1.45 billion Social Value of Donated Products in Fiscal Year 2021 is derived from the total comparable value provided to nonprofit and education organizations if they were to pay the full price that for-profit customers pay. The method for calculating was developed with KPMG, and the figure is reviewed by Ernst & Young.

Independent Non-profit Social Enterprise:

Salesforce integrated, the independent nonprofit social enterprise, into Salesforce in April 2019. Salesforce scales its philanthropic efforts and creates strategic synergies and operational simplicity that will enable the company to drive even greater success for its nonprofit, education and philanthropy customers.

New and existing users can access more discounted and free products and support services through a new Power of Us portal and improved program application process. For no upfront costs, eligible organizations can also access Elevate, Salesforce’s digital fundraising suite.

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