SFDC Helps Customers To Drive Value For Their Employees Through Automation!


Salesforce customers are running 4.8 billion MuleSoft transactions daily and decreasing operational costs by 74%, while saving over 100 billion hours of work every month with Salesforce Flow. Across industries, customers are using Customer 360 with MuleSoft to automate workflows at scale and enable business growth:

1) ADT is dedicated to creating personalized customer service. ADT’s strong growth, through acquisitions and purposeful change, provided an opportunity to assess and improve employee and customer experiences by streamlining the technology stack. With MuleSoft, customers have been able to integrate systems and automate processes more seamlessly to deliver unified and premium customer experiences from anywhere and across all business divisions.

2) AT&T is using Salesforce to deliver new types of connected experiences and improved customer service for its millions of customers. MuleSoft has streamlined and fortified customer support across all channels at AT&T. With its automation and integration capabilities, AT&T reduced the time that teams are taking to complete administrative tasks. MuleSoft and Salesforce save sales and services teams more than 1 million work hours a year to focus on what they do best helping our customers.

3) Bayer Crop Science is using Salesforce to become more customer-centric, helping farmers and communities sustainably feed the planet with innovative agricultural solutions. By integrating Salesforce and legacy systems with MuleSoft, the company provides better customer service experiences with a single view of the customer for teams across business. And with a modernized integration and automation framework, it’s incredible to see teams developing a product 200% faster and increasing speed to market by 5x so that customers can use the latest technologies.

4) Western Union, a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, is using Salesforce Customer 360 to transform the customer journey with a digital banking platform. Salesforce’s continued focus on customer experience requires an increase in the efficiency and productivity to deliver new experiences wherever customers are. MuleSoft allows us to quickly access the information we need and automate workflows to drive omni channel messaging capabilities, so business teams can focus on providing great service and real-time conversations with Salesforce customers.

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