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SFDC Introduces New Customer 360 Innovations!


Salesforce introduced new Customer 360 innovations that connect marketing, commerce, and service data on one platform so companies can connect, automate, and personalize every single interaction and build trusted relationships at scale.

We are in a new world, where companies face mounting pressure to do more with less and navigate a challenging labor market, all while striving to meet consumers’ rising expectations. Changes in data privacy laws make it difficult to meet those expectations and deliver personalized experiences, and a cookie-less future is fast-approaching. Now is the time for companies to build a first-party data strategy that connects, automates and personalizes every single customer interaction across every channel, and the new innovations launching today help them achieve that.

A growing number of companies want to unify their data across marketing, commerce, and service so they can deliver truly connected customer experiences on any channel in store, via email, or when shopping on social media. These innovations help companies tap into the power of automation so they can focus on what matters most, driving productivity and building trusted relationships with customers.

The next-gen Marketing and Commerce Clouds give organizations across industries new ways to deliver unique, connected experiences. Here’s how:

1) A manufacturer’s service agent can deliver a personalized experience by capturing shopper data signals in real time during a service interaction, offering the right third-party products and services that accompany the appliances they own.

2) A healthcare insurance provider can drive productivity and revenue by delivering timely and relevant product recommendations in response to a customer’s survey answers.

3) A bank’s client manager can surface a client’s credit history, accounts, and previous customer service interactions from a single, unified profile and make recommendations for a new credit card based or applicable promotions and the client’s financial needs.

4) A retailer can better connect with shoppers by identifying the products most appealing to each customer demographic and automatically syncing product catalogs with targeted social media ad campaigns that link to the retailer’s ecommerce site.

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