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SFDC Reimagines Sales With Advanced Virtual Selling Suite!


More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of B2B buying and selling has changed, and companies are eager to re-accelerate growth. Every sales rep became a virtual seller and had to reimagine how they interact with customers. Buyers are facing uncertainty and are looking for trusted sales advisors to help them get back to growth. And sales leaders need to rapidly deploy technology and processes to increase rep productivity. So, Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced a new suite of technologies to empower sales teams to stand out from the pack and provide engaging and trusted buying experiences for customers.

New capabilities to supercharge virtual selling with a 360-degree view of the customer:

1) Salesforce Meetings: A new meeting management system that helps reps be better before, during and after sales calls. Before meetings, sales reps have a 360 view of all meeting attendees on a single screen including customer history, open service cases and attendee bios. Once the meeting starts, both the presentation and the presenter are shown together for a more engaging, human connection. And after the call, reps can log notes for internal collaboration with Salesforce Anywhere and move deals forward faster with automated action items.

2) Einstein Video Call Coaching: Einstein Call Coaching can now analyze video conversations to capture AI-powered insights on customer needs and rep performance. Managers can better personalize their coaching as employees shift to selling via video, and build out team strategies based on customer needs.

3) Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit: With the Maps Field Safety Kit, sales organizations can now understand how customers are affected by visualizing COVID-19 trend data inside the CRM to determine which areas are safest for travel. Easy-to-build travel approval workflows and new mobile enhancements with customizable pre- and post-visit health checklists ensure field sales are both efficient and safe.

4) Enhanced High Velocity Sales: High Velocity Sales, originally built for prospecting, will now provide automated actions across the sales cycle on opportunities and accounts. When COVID-19 took hold, every field sales rep suddenly had to become a virtual seller, and now only 54% of outside reps are confident in their personal ability to close deals in the current environment.

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