SFDC’s Retail Media helps grow advertising revenue!


Retailers navigating recent data privacy changes are looking for new ways to leverage shoppers’ first-party data. New Salesforce for Retail Media innovations help them activate that first-party data, giving them new audience insights, targeting abilities, and the resources to grow advertising revenues. With Salesforce for Retail Media, organizations can:

1) Harmonize first-party data to provide ad buyers with direct access to target audiences.

2) Use automation and workflows to streamline advertiser relationships, drive operational efficiencies, and accelerate sales cycles.

3) Optimize campaign performance with actionable insights and timely reporting.

Commerce Cloud innovations and partnerships create seamless shopping experiences:

Retailers need to find new ways to grow revenue and margins while driving efficiency and cutting costs. New Commerce Cloud innovations create frictionless experiences to accelerate time to value, streamline operations, and keep shoppers coming back to retailers’ digital stores. With Commerce Cloud, retailers can:

1) Achieve a single view of transactions across digital and physical stores with a new partnership between Mad Mobile, Stripe, and Salesforce. Merchants can now use

2) Salesforce Payments as their payment service provider in physical stores in conjunction with Mad Mobile as the POS and Stripe Terminal for payment services and hardware.

3) Accelerate time to value and increase conversion rates with Composable Storefront enhancements including a new shopper context API, out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards, and new implementation accelerators and integrations.

4) Streamline operations, automate payments, expand fulfillment capabilities, and more with the help of hundreds of Commerce Cloud partners that will soon be available on AppExchange.

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