SFDC’s Revenue Cloud: Fresh Approach To New Revenue Streams!


Salesforce has recently launched Revenue Cloud, its cloud product designed to help businesses with revenue lifecycle tracking. It is a vital part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, which focuses on providing organizations with a holistic revenue cycle outlook.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud:

1) Gives customers a better buying experience: Develop stronger customer relationships. Make purchasing faster, easier, and more intelligent.

2) Creates more ways to grow with less hassle: Take new innovations to market faster with subscription and consumption pricing.

3) Optimize revenue efficiency: Create scalable processes with automation, ERP integration, and real-time analytics.

4) Accelerate negotiated sales: Build compliant solutions, route pricing for quick approval, and make documenting the terms of an agreement easy.

5) Make billing bend to companies needs: Accelerate cash collection with a flexible billing engine. Support any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule with ease.

This solution can also help companies to introduce new revenue streams. It involves the existing Salesforce products or services into a single, specialized cloud offering. The company noted that this solution would speed up the growth of companies by doubling down on the aspects of the businesses that are developing or filling the missing revenue gaps.

The Revenue Cloud is primarily focused on billing, payments, digital storefronts, and other critical areas of a business. Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps companies to optimize B2B buying journeys, launch new revenue streams and connect processes to make revenue more efficient.

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