SFDC’s Trusted Data to Help Humanize Customer Experience!


Salesforce introduced new Service and Marketing Cloud features that humanize the customer experience with new AI-powered conversational intelligence, mobile offline access to relevant information, and Customer Data Platform innovations. Rising inflation is shrinking consumers’ buying power and forcing them to scrutinize their spending. With 88% of customers saying the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, companies must provide personalized experiences that remove friction and foster trust and loyalty. Any company not investing in this area is putting their entire business at risk. With Salesforce’s powerful service and marketing innovations layered with AI, businesses can deliver the personalized, connected experiences that build trust, loyalty, and longevity with customers.

Service Cloud Innovations

Seventy-nine percent of service professionals say it’s impossible to provide great service without full customer context. With new Voice innovations agents can become trusted advisors, delivering more personalized interactions, driving more value from purchases, and solving problems fast. The next generation of Service Cloud makes it easier for companies to deliver personalized experiences at scale, leveraging new data and AI capabilities. These innovations will empower agents to create more empathetic, human experiences, which are critical to fostering customer loyalty.

1) Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offers advanced conversational transcription for even the longest phone calls, real-time sentiment analysis, real-time supervisor alerts to deliver agent coaching and full-text search on call transcripts.

2) New Service Cloud partners Google Cloud and Genesys will each offer customers more choice in how they use Service Cloud Voice and enable AI-powered recommendations and automated workflows for their teams.

Marketing Cloud Innovations

Only 33% of marketers are fully satisfied with their ability to create more relevant experiences with customer data. The next generation of Customer Data Platform, formerly known as Salesforce CDP, helps marketers create a single source of truth so they can get to know their customer and engage with relevancy at scale and in real time. New CDP innovations announced today include:

1) With Streaming Insights and Data Actions, marketers can capture near real-time data signals, such as a new customer, a recent product transaction, or payment issue, to trigger workflow events.

2) Advanced Identity Resolution uses AI to match and merge disparate data for better customer identification. Duplicated fields such as address, email, or phone, as well as records with names that have multiple spellings or frequently shortened nicknames, as in “Raf” and “Rafael” can be merged to help ensure the most complete customer profiles.

3) New Anonymous Profiles enables marketers to track profiles and build a rich history of data on customers when they are in the anonymous state and then connect that data to their profiles once they become known.

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