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SFDC’s Website Analytics Digital Marketing Secrets for Corporate Success!


Salesforce initially faced many challenges with their own digital marketing organization's highly customized analytics solution for website reporting. While the custom solution provided many benefits for advanced analysis, it was time-consuming to produce basic reports and difficult to understand for many stakeholders. Salesforce could not natively integrate with Google Ads or measure those ads along with other paid media channels. And, as if that wasn't enough, marketers were unable to view user journeys and engagement across all the different websites owned by Salesforce.

It was time to make a change. Along with establishing a strategic partnership with Google, Salesforce moved to a more scalable and comprehensive web analytics solution in the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) via Google Analytics 360. Of course, an implementation of this importance to their future success required a thoughtful approach.

Challenges in Tackling Salesforce analytics

Salesforce restructured their analytics framework with a focus on simplicity and data democratization. They worked with the platform's capabilities rather than building more complex customized frameworks, as had been the case in the previous implementation.

The next step was to integrate Salesforce's own CRM data with Analytics 360 and then Search Ads 360. Analytics 360 helped salesforce to optimize the website experience and journeys across different marketing channels, plus it integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, triggering personalized customer email journeys. Search Ads 360 helped them to optimize salesforce media buys based on the customer interactions recorded in Analytics 360.

Where are they today?

Salesforce's Analytics 360 implementation has completely modernized their digital marketing analytics infrastructure. Now there is one holistic interface for reporting across Salesforce-owned sites. With self-service web analytics, teams can access and drill down into insights about their work on the website every day.

Since Analytics 360 supports better identification of traffic sources through auto-tagging and product linking, salesforce can ensure the appropriate channels receive credit for the traffic and actions driven to These product features create increased visibility into which paid digital media efforts are effective, whether display, paid search, or social allowing their digital marketing teams to develop more targeted and effective media campaigns.

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