Salesforce Genie’s Unified Customer Data Drives Efficiency for Brands!


Retailers confronting economic certainty and tighter budgets must make every dollar count. With new innovations powered by the Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud, retailers can unlock value from their existing customer data, drive efficiency by reducing integration costs, break down data silos, and manage data quality. It will help brands:

1) Enrich customer profiles with data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage and drive personalization across channels with the new CDP Azure Storage Connector. The Salesforce developed connector allows retailers to easily ingest data stored in Azure into Genie Customer Data Cloud.

2) Ensure performance and reporting data is reliable and trustworthy through automated data management with the new Marketing Cloud Intelligence Data Control Center.

3) Synchronize customer, sales order, product, and inventory data across systems to create a single shopper view, personalize marketing interactions, and view real-time inventory with the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail.

And, with Salesforce Loyalty Management, retailers can better retain their customers, improve member engagement, and drive greater program ROI. Now, companies can rapidly deploy new promotions and personalize loyalty rewards programs, review promotion-predicted revenue, and take corrective actions to achieve promotion goals, all while delivering exceptional service experiences and better agent productivity.

In today’s environment, it’s important to keep a close ear and eye on what the customer is doing and be able to quickly pivot to meet their shifting needs. Salesforce gives us the insights, flexibility, and efficiency needed to make that pivot while continuing to craft the exact experience our customers are looking for.

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