Salesforce Launches “Anywhere App”


Salesforce launches Anywhere which enables more effective collaboration embedded within Salesforce.The Salesforce Anywhere App helps every Salesforce user collaborate with teams, stay productive in their workflow, and stay up to date on their customers from anywhere with chat, alerts, comments and video embedded directly into the Salesforce experience.

With Salesforce Anywhere, a sales rep can change a deal status in Salesforce, immediately notifying the rest of the account team, who can then respond in a click to offer the support on next steps. It is simple, fast, and seamlessly a part of the team’s workflow within the CRM, whether on desktop or mobile. Everyone can easily stay up to date and keep those collaboration processes inside the CRM and not spread across text messages and lost in email threads like before.

Salesforce Anywhere Features include

  • Stay up to speed from anywhere: Subscribe to real-time alerts based on the accounts, records and opportunities that matter to people, and see them across mobile and desktop. A sales rep no longer needs to text the entire account team with an update; the team will be notified the moment the sales rep updates the status of a deal. Get notifications on the deals, accounts and opportunities relevant to people.
  • Collaborate in context: Message and share records, accounts, opportunities or open cases across one’s team with chat and video, embedded in one’s processes. A sales rep can start a chat while looking at an opportunity page, and in a click can pivot to video to continue the conversation in the same space, no screen sharing needed, because one can see who is on the page with. Or, a service manager can share an open case page with the entire team in a few clicks, so everyone can see the issue and sync on next steps. Chat and video sit atop the Salesforce page one is working on
  • Take action in the moment: Easily view all record history, including changes in records or updates down to the field level, and get personalized suggested actions powered by Einstein. After receiving an alert that a deal amount has changed, a manager can click into the opportunity, understand that the deal amount has increased a few times over the past few weeks. Then the manager sees a suggestion to add manager notes to support the team as they work to close this deal, all in the context of the workflow and in the same screen. Suggested actions like “update a description” are tailored based on one’s past actions.

With the Salesforce Anywhere App, all the data are present in one place, workflows are seamless and data stays in one’s CRM. And because it’s built on the Salesforce Platform, these features are customizable and governed by Salesforce permissions. Therefore, customer data remains secure.

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