Salesforce Marketing Cloud Explained!


All Businesses need to retain constant and lifelong customer engagement. To achieve this, one needs to engage the customers at each touchpoint and provide them with a great experience in all areas. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the ability to closely observe customer behavior and manage the activities from awareness to advocacy.

Here are some of the Well-designed platforms included in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that meet the essential values of the clients:

1) Marketing Cloud Connect’s objective is to create a bond between the client and the brand by providing personalized content at each touchpoint and making the customers feel valued. An integrated customer experience can be created by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud using this platform.

2) Analytics Builder allows businesses to measure their efforts and understand client behavior and interests across channels. It provides insights that can be used to set marketing goals and refine customer journeys.

3) Content builder is a cross-channel content management tool that can be used as a sole frame to place the searched information and secondary research for future use in the Marketing Cloud.

4) Personalization builder (The Einstein framework contains this tool) Initially, predictive analytics was used to create insights and dashboards using customers’ buying preferences and inclination to enable brands to reach their audience more effectively. A customer engagement strategy can be formed by using this.

5) Audience Builder’s objective is to segment a business mailing list and help them better target the opportunities through a deeper understanding of customer attributes and behavior.

6) Journey builder allows businesses to build automated customer journeys to enable optimum interaction when the prospects access their brand. It basically creates interactive customer experiences in order to make them feel valued and appreciated and this is going to happen only because it allows them to visualize multiple marketing channels from a single window.

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