Salesforce Partners with AWS to Deliver Hyperforce!


Salesforce recently re-architected the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform to run on the public cloud in ANZ, that means Amazon Web Services (AWS). Salesforce 360, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Industries, is Salesforce’s world-leading solution for connecting every single function of the business including third parties around a single view of customer data. Through the platform, Salesforce helps organizations to deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences and to scale phenomenally fast.

Advances in the security and compliance protocols of the public cloud in recent years have allowed Salesforce to take advantage of the immense benefits of world computing platforms such as AWS.

Salesforce Hyperforce is the Customer 360 platform delivered differently

With all the security, compliance, and performance assurances of a trusted Salesforce solution, Salesforce Hyperforce on AWS is perfectly positioned to deliver hyper-fast growth. This powerful combination is allowing Salesforce customers to deploy and scale up Salesforce apps faster than ever before.

Secure and highly compliant: Security is a top priority for both organizations. AWS is guided by the value of customer obsession, placing its focus on creating secure places for businesses to innovate. Trust is Salesforce’s number one value. Through this alliance, Salesforce has access to pervasive encryption across every workload without the development effort of setting it up and making sure it’s working. Building on already compliant infrastructure allows Salesforce to move faster. Compliance is what AWS calls ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting’, meaning a large but necessary effort. Good compliance requires a deep understanding of standards, the ability to consistently apply them, and the engagement of auditors to monitor and verify them.

Scalable: Salesforce and AWS have in common a commitment to delivering amazing customer experiences. This is underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in both cases. Combining these services powers innovation at both the application and infrastructure level, making it easier for organizations to expose applications via a multitude of channels, including Mobile, and apply workflow automation and intelligence at scale.

Importantly, Salesforce’s existing customers moving to AWS will immediately benefit from the ability to expand and connect additional workflows with clicks, not code, making deploying B2B and B2C scale solutions in more solutions exponentially easier.

High performance: It stands to reason that Salesforce customers will enjoy the benefits of reduced latency, shorter routes between data center and users, and a continually refreshed hardware environment. AWS’s elastic provisioning of compute power and data storage brings another significant performance advantage for Salesforce, in the auto-scaling of resources on-demand, to meet current workflows whatever they may be.

The biggest benefit of the partnership between Salesforce and AWS in delivering Salesforce Hyperforce is, of course, trust. Through this exciting development, Salesforce is empowering its customers to innovate and grow at unprecedented speed in a highly trusted environment.

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