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Salesforce launches new Tools


Recently, Salesforce launched a series of new tools, built by third-party partners, designed to help organizations get back to business safely following the COVID-19 pandemic. The new products focus on on-site visitor management, business continuity and supply chain management.

The new products are part of a collection of resources Salesforce is compiling at, a site Salesforce rolled out earlier this month in response to the pandemic. At, organizations can get access to a "command center" application, which provides a common interface for all the tools a business may want to use to manage their post-coronavirus operations. The three tools launched are the first products built by ISV partners:

  • Traction Guest: offering on-site visitor management capabilities and related critical alert updates.
  • Fusion Risk Management: offering risk management and business continuity planning tools tailored for post-pandemic operations.
  • ComplianceQuest: offering supply chain management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance protocols.

While ISVs did not re-write their applications for this initiative, they have adapted them for this particular use case and are connecting them directly into the new platform capability that Salesforce is providing via the command center.

The command center gives executives a central place to find information on a variety of factors such as the wellness of employees at a certain location, whether a facility is prepared to safely take in guests, the local conditions in terms of infection rates or school closures, and whether suppliers are still operating.

These first ISV partners are providing critical apps and integrating them into the command center, so those insights rise to the surface and can be part of the decision-making process.

In addition to surfacing that information, the command center gives managers a way to take action on it. For example: If a problem has been encountered at a facility, the manager could use the command center to take steps to close it down, inform employees not to come in, or re-route deliveries.

In addition to launching these initial ISV products, the collection also now includes consulting listings from partners such as Accenture, Deloitte & PwC.

While is focused on re-opening facilities, Salesforce has also compiled resources from third-party partners on the AppExchange COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page.

Those resources are focused more on tools to help stabilize business operations before facilities can re-open, such as cloud telephony or digital signature tools.

The AppExchange resources page now has around 100 applications listed reflecting the diversity of needs from customers in different sectors. And That is where the strength of an ecosystem like Salesforce comes in, with thousands of partners. Salesforce is able to help customers find a lot of those things, and they are pre-integrated into existing work environments.

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