Salesforce supports SMEs during Covid-19!


Recently, Salesforce launched its “Salesforce Cares for Small Business” initiative, which allows SMEs to have a 90-day free access to its digital tools. SMEs will be able to access the Salesforce Essentials CRM tool and analytics platform Tableau. And, it’s also offering free support, coaching, and guidance to help businesses successfully deploy and use its tools.

Additionally, the company will be offering US$10,000 grants for small businesses in the United States in mid-April. The grant will support small businesses as they work to replenish materials, pay salaries, or adapt their business model to overcome this challenging time. There will be financial support to international small businesses in the near future as well, with Salesforce committing US$5 million in total.

COVID-19 Care

Salesforce have also launched a “COVID-19 Care Response Solution” to aid emergency response teams, care management teams, and health organisations responding to the pandemic. The solution helps organisations to manage increased volume of health-related requests coming in with an emergency response contact centre. It also enables them to distribute information from a personalised, self-service resource centre to help inform healthcare professionals, patients, members and communities and help offset the higher call volumes. The Solution is provided for free for the first six months.

Free Online resource

Salesforce collaborated with a non-profit organisation “Common Sense Media” to launch WideOpenSchool, a free online resource to support families and educators who are transitioning to remote learning as a result of COVID-19. WideOpenSchool features content for children across various categories ranging from mathematics to virtual field trips. It also has categories such as “life skills”, “emotional well-being”, and “get moving”. Salesforce is one of the technology partners with WideOpenSchool, and is joined by other technology brands such as Apple, Comcast, Google, and Zoom.

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