Salsa Labs Announces Salsa Engage for Salesforce Customer Engagement!


Salsa Labs announced on August 8, 2020, about its latest online Smart Engagement Technology, Salsa Engage for Salesforce, on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to engage with their supporters, raise funds, and change the world. This new technology Built on the Salesforce Platform, Salsa Engage for Salesforce is currently available on AppExchange.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Salsa Engage, purpose built for nonprofits, provides a single platform for email marketing, multi-channel advocacy and online fundraising. Salsa’s AppExchange integration is user friendly with no middle-ware requirements. Easy-to-use mapping, configuration, and log screens make it simple to manage the real time bi-directional data sync. Salsa also provides flexible options for adding new supporters and preventing duplicates.

The integration provides a cost-effective single source alternative for customers who are having many disparate products for emails, donations, event registrations, peer to peer fundraising campaigns, social media advertising, and online Advocacy.

Salsa Integration and Development:

While developing this integration, Salsa solicited input from users and worked closely with experienced Salesforce developers in the nonprofit space, such as Common Voyage.

Salsa has been thorough and thoughtful in architecting their Engage integration with Salesforce. Salsa was careful to get real input from experts and end users. Salsa continued to impress the market with their integration that is both very customizable as well as easily understood and managed by every-day users.

Salsa currently has more than 60 nonprofit organizations using the Salsa Engage for Salesforce platform. With the new inclusion of the product on the Salesforce AppExchange, Salsa expects the number of users of Engage for Salesforce to increase quickly.

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